Services and Technology

Hazel offers industry leading services and technology for the virtual delivery and management of healthcare. You will find additional details of some of our offerings below.

Hazel team and Providers around a happy family

Software Applications

Hazel’s downloadable suite of software applications provide a comprehensive telehealth solution, built on the iOS platform, and available on all modern iPad and iPhone devices for schools, clinics, healthcare providers, and their supporting teams.  The applications offer a wide range of medical and management functionality including but not limited to:

  • Student demographic data integration and in-app student / patient search.
  • Patient intake, issue triage, and the collection and input of vitals and other health markers.
  • Virtual medical visits at a school or other clinical site covering a wide range of disciplines and visit types and corresponding telehealth facilitation by medical providers and trained support staff.  
  • Secure, HIPAA and FERPA compliant, real-time and asynchronous, video, audio, and text messaging with remote healthcare providers.
  • OTC medication orders and school site administration of medications.
  • Printed and electronically available discharge and instructional materials for students and families.
  • Prescriptions delivered via phone, fax, or electronically to pharmacies or online distributors.
  • Patient health record record review and EHR charting and documentation required for record maintenance and billing.
  • Direct communication with school sites and families via built in text messaging, VoIP, and voice phone calls.
  • Analytics based on data from schools, communities, and other populations being served with the Hazel applications and services.
  • Iterative quality of care improvements, outbound communication optimization, and streamlined applications and services for users leveraging a diverse set of analytics tools including cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.
  • Medical and social referrals as needed.
  • Scheduled and automated patient visit follow up.

Software Services

Hazel’s iOS applications are backed by a robust service platform hosted in the cloud.  The cloud services support the downloadable applications and provide robust HIPAA and FERPA compliant storage and communication facilities for the applications to provide telehealth visits.

Medical Services

Hazel provides urgent care and health screening services in schools.  Hazel also helps evaluate risk factors within school districts and provides proactive screening recommendations as well as alerts as appropriate.

Marketing, Data Processing, and Management Services

Hazel provides management services for medical providers that wish to become part of the Hazel Health network and provide medical services via the Hazel applications and Hazel platform.  This includes space and technology procurement and leasing, marketing, data storage and transfer, accounting, billing, human resources support, advertising and marketing functions for lead generation and ongoing patient acquisition and utilization.