Helping strong minds grow

If students are not healthy and able to learn, academic success is limited.

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Increasing Equity and Access

Poor health is a leading cause of absenteeism which leads to devastating long-term results.

  • 1

    Missing early milestones

    Foundational reading and math skills aren’t learned, which compounds throughout a student’s academic career.

  • 2

    Dropping out

    Continued challenges with academics cause frustration and dissatisfaction in school, often leading to high dropout rates.

  • 3

    Poor outcomes later in life

    Fewer job prospects and lower income levels, along with poor health quality are all potential outcomes faced by high school dropouts.

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Hazel provides care when and where it's needed

With technology specifically for schools and Hazel’s HIPAA and FERPA trained healthcare providers, school nurses and staff make an impact.

Critical services include:
Urgent Care
Health Screenings
Health Education

4 Steps to school-based healthcare

  • 1. Partnership

    Hazel partners with school nurses and health services to expand healthcare services at school.

  • 2. Training

    School nurses and staff are provided instruction to initiate appointments with students in need of care. This includes logging on the easy-to-use technology and taking basic vitals.

  • 3. Tools

    Hazel provides all needed equipment for care; scale, thermometer, medical cart, iPad with stand, over-the-counter medications and more.

  • 4. Parent Information and Consent

    Hazel works with schools to educate parents about the program. Parents decide whether to participate.

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  • As a school nurse, Hazel was a partner I could depend on. We helped so many more kids in ways I wouldn’t have been able to alone. Now I have three schools assigned to me and can’t see the kids in my new district the way I did with Hazel. They made my job easier by calling parents and delivering discharge notes after every visit. Hazel was a lifeline to the families.

    School District Nurse
  • With the help of Hazel, the needs of the whole child have been addressed. Multiple referrals to student support centers within District have been made to ensure follow up services for eye and hearing exams, bike helmets, food, dental services, replacements for lice-infested materials, education for the improvement of well-being, and the list goes on.

    School Social Worker
  • I have two boys and it costs $20 to get on the bus just to go one way. Usually my kids’ doctor’s office can’t see them right away. It takes 2 months to get an appointment. And normally it’s a rush job when we do get there. Having a school health option has been very helpful to a lot of parents who cannot afford to take off work, or cannot pay the bus fee.

    Parent of Hazel Student
  • Reliable, quick and easy access healthcare gives us a sense of security we didn't have before.

    Parent of Hazel Student
  • When our kids are sick, we don't worry. We know someone is taking good care of them.

    Parent of Hazel Student
  • We can finally serve kids in a way we haven't been able to in the past.

    Elementary School Principal
  • Students who are healthy and feel good, learn more. I've seen it in action.

    District Superintendent
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