Hazel Health hosts 2019 Nurse Summit: On a mission to keep children healthy

Pictured above: Special guest Dr. Olayiwola, Chief of Family Health Services for The Ohio State University Health System, speaks at Hazel Health’s 2019 Nurse Summit.

Josh Golomb, CEO of Hazel Health

This summer in downtown Sacramento, Hazel Health brought together nurses, school leaders, and other professionals from our partner school districts to participate in a two-day summit on June 20 and 21. 

The purpose was to gather with our partner schools to discuss factors impacting the education and healthcare industries as a whole. We discussed learnings, takeaways and best practices for student health in schools across the U.S., and gained tremendous insight into the incredible work nurses and other school staff do every day, as well as a better understanding of how we can best support them. We had a great discussion and productive dialogue, and witnessed innovative school nursing leaders from different districts learn from one another. 

We learned why many of the leaders chose to go into school nursing. Teresa (Terry) Olivares, Coordinator of Health Services for San Bernardino City Unified School District, said, “School nursing to me is an opportunity to bring the medical world into the education arena, and to be able to help not only the child but the family maneuver through the healthcare system.”  

Over the course of the summit, we celebrated small and big wins, examined district-specific challenges, reviewed clinical stories, attended breakout sessions, championed district accomplishments, and shared best practices across healthcare, education, and families. 

It was outstanding to see our network of nurses and Hazel executives celebrate our accomplishments in the past year, and to plan a roadmap for a bright future, working towards our shared mission to provide the highest quality care to all children. 

Here’s what some of our school nurse partners had to say:

This has been a wonderful learning experience...to be able to connect with other nurses utilizing Hazel to help their students, to see what their challenges have been and problem solve to help make a better solution for everyone.
- Kathrine Hale, Manager of Nursing and Student Health Services for Denver Public Schools
I’ve found the providers to be very collaborative. It’s nice to be able to run ideas past them or to run students past them who might need more assistance than I am able to give them in a school setting. They are able to build on what I initiated.  I’ve been able to move forward further than I would have been able to do on my own.
- Judy Allen, District Nurse for Robla School District

We’re looking forward to working together across state lines to help even more school districts tackle health-related absences, building stronger communities from the ground up.