Accessible, Free Healthcare for Students in School

Partnering with schools to keep kids healthy and ready to learn

Hazel Health needs no appointment, no insurance and no immigration check to provide free healthcare to students in school

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Maximize learning time

Education success starts with healthy learners

By addressing healthcare needs sooner and more frequently, over 90% of students seen by Hazel Health return to class the same day.

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Infograph showing 95% of students

On average 90% of students will return to class feeling better and ready to learn.

Reduce health related absences

Infograph showing 40% reduction

Schools have seen a 30% reduction in health related absences.

Healthcare access that's easy

Quality healthcare without leaving school

When a child feels sick at school, they visit Hazel. Innovative technology, developed specifically for schools, connects students to a caring, qualified doctor with the touch of a button.

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Better Connections. Better Care.

A quick connection to the doctor allows them to share what’s wrong and get them feeling better soon. Hazel follows up with families, school staff and primary care physicians to ensure continuity of care for each student they see.

Schools using Hazel agree

As educators we are committed to improving the lives of children. Attending to the medical needs of children with the support of Hazel is a tangible step we have taken to demonstrate that commitment.

Elementary School Principal

In my career I have seen the countless barriers students and families face when trying to get their basic needs met. With the help of Hazel, the needs of the whole child have been addressed. Multiple referrals to student support centers within district have been made.

School Social Worker

The ease and convenience of a healthcare provider in the local area is vital for those families without reliable transportation…I know that for our children, Hazel provides not just reliable, quick and easy access to healthcare but also a sense of security.


I have three kids and it cost me $20 to get on the bus just to go one way and usually my kids doctor’s office can't see them right away it takes them two months to get an appointment and normally it's a rush job when we do you get there.


Hazel gets students medical attention and keeps them in school. I know this to be true, because I have seen it. Not just once, but dozens of times.

Elementary School Teacher

I am a parent, community member and employee of the district. I have seen, first-hand, the power of Hazel for our community. Access to free medical care at my children's schools allows me the freedom to work and help provide for my family without worry.

School Support Staff & Parent

Keep your student body healthy

See how Hazel Health can keep your students healthy, and ready to learn.